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Contest Structure


The contest started at 11 a.m. AEST on Friday 8th September.

The contest ended at 11 p.m. AEST on Friday 15th September. No further submissions will be accepted.

Task Types and Difficulties

There is only one type of task: maths.

The tasks are sorted roughly by increasing difficulty, though we encourage you to have a look at all of them even if you're stuck. Some tasks are tagged as "Beginner-Friendly". You are encouraged to attempt these first, especially if you are new to competitive programming/maths! They are relatively approachable, but not necessarily easy. Also, for the beginner-friendly tasks, you are free to discuss with others and get hints!

Submissions and Scoring

For each task, only your best scoring submission will count, so feel free to submit as much as you want! However, you will not be able to submit more than once per minute per task, or more than 50 times per day across all tasks.

Your total score for the contest is the sum of your scores for each task.