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Prizes and Eligibility

The following cash prizes, totalling $300 (in Australian dollars), will be awarded:

In spite of this, if no one is eligible for a given prize, it will not be awarded. In the case that two participants' final scores are equal, the participant whose score last increased at an earlier time will be considered higher-scoring, however, note that the leaderboard ranking does not reflect this.


To be eligible for prizes, you must:

  1. Be a current student at UNSW Sydney.
  2. Have provided your zID on the profile page before the contest is over.
  3. Consent to your full name, username and prize name being published if you win a prize.

In the case that you are selected to win a prize, we will try to contact you via your preferred email (if provided), your UNSW email (using your zID), and this website. If you do not claim your prize within 7 days of being contacted, your prize may be forfeited and offered to someone else.

Random Prizes

The recipients of the Random Prizes will be selected after the other prizes are awarded, and are to be determined by performing the following procedure once for each Random Prize:

Define a "selectable" participant as one who is eligible and who has not already been awarded a prize. Let the total number of points scored by all selectable participants be \( T \). If \( T = 0 \), no prize is awarded. Otherwise, one selectable participant is randomly selected to win a Merit Prize, such that for each selectable participant, if they scored \( x \) points, they have a \( x/T \) chance of being selected.